5G and 3D Printing

(image source: manufacturingtodayindia.com)

The speed of the 5G network enables transmitting large 3D views between vehicles and enables cars share their 3D surround views through 5G. As a result, the communication distances of car observations can be increased, and data can be obtained from areas which the car’s own sensors do not cover and are not in its view.  Leveraging 5G networks, automated driving, and the real-time inter-vehicle transmission of 3D views is possible.

The major trends that will dominate the electronic industry in near future are IoT, 5G technology and 3D printing. 5G — fifth generation mobile network that elevates connectivity along with interconnecting machines, devices and objects will be transforming the electronic manufacturing industry. The concept of 3D printing is gaining traction in the electronics sector majorly because of the reduced production cost and ease of customisation as per demand.