Artificial Intelligence and 5G

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5G speeds up the services on the cloud. AI gets to analyze the same data faster and can learn faster to be able to develop according to users’ needs. 

Combination of AI running through 5G networks will be crucial and open new opportunities. The ability to access additional information quicker through 5G networks will help AI-enabled devices understand their environment and the context in which they operate.  5G will be the core driver and will enable new services. AI will help us make sense of all the data generated.

The combination of 5G networks with artificial intelligence may help machines better understand language in context and feed their ability to learn.

5G is poised to improve context awareness in AI, making services smarter, more useful and prevalent in people’s lives. AI at the Edge places intelligence closer to data sources, which enhances security, minimizes latency, reduces backhaul costs, and puts AI closer to industry domain experts than in cloud-centric topologies.

5G promises increased capacity, lower latency, and whole new class of applications and services. But capitalizing on these improvements will require unprecedented levels of automation attainable only through AI

5G and AI technologies will speed up the process towards a smarter world and will bring automation and efficiency like never before. 

The merger between 5G and AI will go a long way in making the world intelligent and enterprises smarter. 

AI will have a strong impact on several key areas of 5G network management — such as enhanced service quality, simplified deployment, higher network efficiency, and improved network security.