Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

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Big Data is the fuel that powers AI. This data helps AI devices to learn how humans think and feel and allows for automation of data analytics. AI has been used in several different ways to facilitate capturing and structuring big data, and it has been used to analyse big data for key insights

Big Data is the raw input that needs to be cleaned, structured and integrated before it becomes useful, while artificial intelligence is the output, the intelligence that results from the processed data.AI needs data to build its intelligence, particularly machine learning. Big Data is a critical enabler for AI implementation. It is now possible to process large amounts of data in “real-time” and derive trends and rules for machine learning in AI applications

AI’s ability to work so well with data analytics is the primary reason why AI and Big Data are now seemingly inseparable. AI machine learning and deep learning are learning from every data input and using those inputs to generate new rules for future business analytics. Data and AI are merging into a synergistic relationship, where AI is useless without data and data is insurmountable without AI.

The Indian government plans to increase the use of artificial intelligence and data analytics to track down tax evaders and improve compliance with the Goods and Service Tax in order to augment revenue.

If data is the fuel for change towards a smarter world, AI is the engine that will keep it running