Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

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Internet of Things collects and handles a huge amount of data that is required by the Artificial Intelligence algorithms. In turn, these algorithms convert the data into useful actionable results that can be implemented by the IoT devices. IoT is about connecting machines and making use of the data generated from those machines. AI is about simulating intelligent behaviour in machines of all kinds. Clearly an overlap. One can think of IoT devices as a digital nervous system while AI is the brain of the system (AIoT)

As IoT devices will generate vast amounts of data, then AI will be functionally necessary to deal with these huge volumes if we are to have any chance of making sense of the data 

AI uses data sourced from IoT, sensors, social media, pictures, videos, cell phones, etc.

Artificial intelligence will be functionally necessary to wield the vast number of connected “things” online and will be even more important in making sense of an almost endless sea of data streamed in from these devices.

Combining AI and IoT Examples: Automated vacuum cleaners, like that of the iRobot Roomba, smart thermostat solutions, like that of Nest Labs, self-driving vehicles, such as that of Tesla Motors

Some of the applications of AIoT are smart retail, traffic monitoring by drones, smart office buildings, fleet management and autonomous vehicles. 

If we consider the trio of technologies as parts of an organism, IoT is the human nervous system with a central function of feeling and collecting information. With improvements made in the field of sensor technology, it has the potential to transform the world of things into a world of data. AI would be the brain, capable of processing information collected through machine learning in a fast and effective way. Finally, with its ability to store and process information securely, blockchain would form the memory.

AI needs the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is the body that gives AI’s brain the ability to act. IoT also provides the data AI needs in order to make smart decisions.

AI and IoT are two sides of the same coin, quietly working together to change business processes and productivity. Although both these disciplines have individual value, their true potential can only be realized together. There are many different applications across multiple industries that require Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.