Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

(image source; BLOG.ROBOTIC.COM)

Artificially intelligent robots are the bridge between robotics and AI. These are robots that are controlled by AI programs. AI algorithms are necessary when you want to allow the robot to perform more complex tasks.

Robotics and AI augment and amplify human potential, increase productivity and are moving from simple reasoning towards human-like cognitive abilities.  The main idea of converging AI and Robotics is to try to optimise its level of autonomy through learning.

Robots are capable of movement under the guidance of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are a powerful combination for automating tasks inside and outside of the factory setting. In recent years, AI has become an increasingly common presence in robotic solutions, introducing flexibility and learning capabilities in previously rigid applications.

Robots combine mechanical effectors, sensors, and computers. AI has made significant contributions to each component.

One obvious application of AI to robotics is in computer vision (enabling computers to see, identify and process images in the same way that human vision does). Computer vision allows robots and drones to navigate the real world more accurately.   Another major application of AI to robotics that has got attention in recent years is autonomous or self-driving cars

New-age AI-powered robotic -assisted surgeries are also changing the world of healthcare.