Algorithm and Edge

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Data security in cloud computing is a serious issue as the data centers are located worldwide. Many algorithms exist for data security like DES (Data Encryption Standard), AES (Advance Encryption Algorithm) and Triple DES.

In IoT environments, many connected devices participate for restricted wireless resources. In order to overcome this issue, there is an urgent need for more intelligent algorithms and architectures that lead to more interoperable solutions and that can make effective decisions in emerging EoT (Edge of Things).

Nowadays, cloud based IoT systems generate a large volume of data that cannot be processed by traditional data processing algorithms and applications. This humungous data would create more complexities to ensure scalability, mobility, reliability, low latency, network bandwidth consumption and energy efficiency of IoT devices while moving the IoT sensor data to the cloud. The emerging edge computing technologies, IoT and rich cloud services are used to create a novel technology called Edge-of-Things (EoT).

 In EoT, data processing occurs in part at the network edge or between the cloud-to-end that can best meet customer necessities, rather than entirely processing in a comparatively a smaller number of massive clouds.