Augmented / Virtual Reality and Digital Payments

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AR and VR can enhance a customer’s ability to experience shopping and integrate payment functionality seamlessly. The big win for brands looking to integrate payment technology with AR and VR is a near-seamless brand experience. AR and VR, when integrated with payment technology, empower customers to research and shop from beyond the storefront and experience products in greater detail than typical 2D online shopping experience.

As the internet has matured and technology has made more and more advancements, the customer experience of buying online has outstripped the experience of shopping in-person. It’s quicker, easier and less stressful.  The advent of a new and improved shopping “experience” powered by VR and AR reflects the changes in the payments industry – towards a better user experience, less friction and fewer steps in the checkout process.

A VR/AR environment  allows payments to be made through a virtual world.