Big Data and Data Science

(image source: DataFlair)

Data Science is the field that comprises of everything that is related to data cleansing, data mining, data preparation, and data analysis. Big Data refers to the vast volume of data that is difficult to store and process in real-time. This data can be used to analyze insights which can lead to better decision making.

 Big Data is about the insight that we want to extract from information. Big data is the fuel required by Data Science to arrive at meaningful insights. Big Data and Data Science are two terms with a high synergy between them. dat Science includes several fields such as statistics, machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence, and visualisation, among others. Some well-known examples include e-Sciences and other related scientific disciplines (particle physics, bioinformatics, medicine or genomics) Social Computing (social network analysis, online communities or recommender systems), and large-scale e-commerce, all of which are particularly data-intensive.

In traditional Data Science, Big data usually resides in the Cloud. The use of Big Data, when coupled with Data Science, allows organizations to make more intelligent decisions. Its evolution has resulted in a rapid increase in insights for enterprises utilizing such advancements. Data Science has become a necessary component of enterprise-level Data Management.