Blockchain and Robotics

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Robotics has gained massive popularity across industries over the years using artificial intelligence, making all processes more effective and error-free. Now, blockchain will keep the data decentralized and free from any central or concentrated control. By combining the decentralized power of blockchain with the agility of artificial intelligence, the field of robotics can be elevated and advanced in several ways.

When a ground-breaking technology like blockchain gets combined with robotics, it will make the robotic operations more secure, flexible, autonomous, and even profitable. The power of blockchain technology can boost the flexibility of robots without increasing complexity in swarm robotics. (coordination of multiple robots as a system).In a nutshell, the power of blockchain technology can boost the flexibility of robots without increasing complexity in swarm robotics.

Blockchain plays a vital role in distributing information so that the group of robots can achieve the desired task or solve problems efficiently. The group of robots that work together to perform a task is called as swarm robotics. Blockchain technology can be an answer to the security issue in swarm robotics as it provides a reliable and private network of communication for swarm agents, but also has ways to overcome vulnerabilities, potential threats, and attacks.

When it comes to accomplishing challenging tasks by combining multiple robotic systems, blockchain technology comes as the ultimate aid.

Blockchain, an emerging technology, demonstrates that by combining peer-to-peer networks with cryptographic algorithms, a group of agents can reach agreements without the need for a controlling authority. The combination of blockchain with other distributed systems, such as robotic swarm systems, can provide the necessary capabilities to make robotic swarm operations more secure, autonomous, flexible, and even profitable

The features offered by artificial intelligence will increase the efficiency of robots using automation multi-fold, while data immutability offered by blockchain will tamper-proof the processes. Leveraging these technologies simultaneously to the robotics, the operating mechanism is pre-set to achieve the desired objectives and business goals.

In combination with IoT, Blockchain technology can enable a broad range of different application scenarios to enhance value chain transparency and to increase B2B trust. When combined, IoT and Blockchain technology have the potential to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of modern supply chains.

Blockchain technology can impact key features of the IoT (i.e., scalability, security, immutability and auditing, information flows, traceability and interoperability, quality) and thus lay the foundation for future research projects.