Cloud and 3D Printing

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Integration of 3D and cloud computing gives rise to the idea of 3D printing through the Cloud. This fusion of 3D printing and cloud computing can help achieve remarkable results like faster turn-around times and lower cost for small businesses.

3D Cloud Solution lets you take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing – including scalability, increased computing power, and innovative workflows. Adoption of the cloud continues to accelerate across 3D modeling industries. The opportunities to improve the accessibility of 3D data and harness massive, scalable computational power enable refined and innovative workflows for applications and users.

Cloud manufacturing represents an approach for manufacturing companies to integrate their resources and establish a collaborative and flexible infrastructure for improving resource utilization and gathering new business opportunities. In this context, additive manufacturing with its core process 3D printing is a well-suited modern production paradigm to be integrated into cloud manufacturing as it offers manufacturing design freedom not only for rapid prototyping but nowadays also for producing the actual product series.

However, scalable support of real time 3D applications in a cloud computing environment are still in the infancy stage.