Cloud and 5G

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5G is expected to bring vast changes to cloud services. Since mobile devices are rapidly replacing desktop computers in the user´s preferences, the cloud will have a great responsibility in the transmission of data at higher speeds and 5G will be its main ally.

As 5G takes the mobile industry by storm, customers will be using this high-speed mobile technology along with the cloud in many new ways. With faster connectivity, it is possible to develop a new radio access network (RAN) for mobile phones.

A CloudRAN or Centralized-RAN  (C-RAN) can be developed leveraging cloud computing and 5G networking to provide a new centralized radio RAN that is based on cloud computing and helps to resolve capacity and coverage issues.

The combination of 5G cellular and cloud technologies will provide substantial richness in capacity, flexibility and functionality to mobile network operator IoT service offerings. 5G and cloud services (centralized and edge computing) will allow carriers to offer competitive services in a manner that non-cellular IoT network providers cannot replicate, such as 5G network access to IoT-based IT technologies and clouds solutions.

By using cloud services at the edge,5G will enable data-intensive businesses like manufacturing, retail, and logistics to manage operations centrally. 5G will aid in the delivery of deep analytics, AI, and ML to data centres