Cloud and Artificial Intelligence

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Cloud computing and AI are bringing major changes in the corporate world and their fusion is believed and known to be the coming future of technology. Cloud technology can help AI by providing the required information for the learning processes while AI can help cloud by providing information that can offer more data. Cloud technology is spread among several servers in various languages with huge data storage and across various geographies. Cloud computing gets more powerful with AI as its component. Cloud computing gets much easy to protect, scale and handle with artificial intelligence.

By choosing a robust, resilient, and secure enterprise-grade cloud platform with embedded AI, business is prepared for success.

Cloud enables a digitally connected world and reduces the workload of managing heavy hardware. AI, on the other hand, has the potential to streamline the immense capabilities of cloud computing and equip businesses with tremendous power.

Most AI applications reside in the cloud. Cloud-based AI is making the technology cheaper and easier to use. An ‘intelligent cloud’ is the future. The interdependency of cloud computing and AI (and humans!) will be the essence of all systems or applications developed in the future.

AI Cloud Services: Technologies like IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Natural Language APIs (Application Programming Interface) or Google Cloud Vision allow abstraction of complex AI. It also permits cognitive computing capabilities through simple API calls – the process of adding an endpoint to a URL and sending a request to a server.

A combination of cloud and AI will be ruling the technology trends that are unpredictable but look positive in every way. We can say that cloud is the destination for all AI services. Most of the AI applications are being created using cloud. But both AI and cloud are dominant technologies, and a fusion of these two is more powerful. They both are a means to each other. A combination of cloud and AI means unimaginable power to store, manage and process data.