Cloud and Internet of Things

(image source: researchgate)

Both Cloud computing and the IoT have a complimentary relationship. IoT generates massive amounts of data whereas cloud computing aids in offering a pathway for that data to travel to its destination, thus helping to increase work efficiency.

Just like cloud computing is built on the tenets of speed and scale, IoT applications are built on the principle of mobility and widespread networking. Hence, it is essential that both cloud and IoT form cloud-based IoT applications in a bid to make the most out of their combination.

Greater usage of the cloud has acted as a catalyst for the development and deployment of scalable Internet of Things applications and business models. The cloud and IoT have become two very closely affiliated future internet technologies with one providing the other a platform for success. There are numerous benefits which the convergence of IoT and Cloud has derived.

IoT hinges on processing device- generated data, and cloud computing involves using data from centralised computing and storage. On one hand, IoT generates lots of data while on the other hand, cloud computing paves way for this data to travel.

 Cloud hosting as a service adds value to IoT startups by providing economies of scale to reduce their overall cost structure. By storing data in the cloud, IoT companies can access a huge amount of Big Data.

The integration of cloud computing and IoT is indicative of the next big leap in the world of internet. New applications brimming from this combination known as IoT Cloud are opening newer avenues for business as well as research.