Cloud and Robotics

Cloud robotics is a field of robotics that attempts to invoke cloud technologies such as cloud computing, cloud storage, and other Internet technologies. When connected to the cloud, robots can benefit from the powerful computation, storage, and communication resources of modern data center in the cloud.

Advances in robotics and cloud computing have led to the emergence of cloud robotics where robots can benefit from remote processing, greater memory and computational power, and massive data storage. The integration of robotics and cloud computing has often been regarded as a complex aspect due to the various components involved in such systems.

Cloud robotics is a rapidly evolving field that allows robots to offload computation- intensive and storage- intensive jobs into the cloud. Robots are limited in terms of computational capacity, memory, and storage. Cloud provides unlimited computation power, memory, storage and especially collaboration opportunity.

Enabling robots’ access to cloud computing resources lead to the development of cloud-robotics. With cloud computing providing computing resources on demand, robots would have the option of offloading computationally intensive tasks to these resources. Robots with access to the cloud no longer require expensive processors for heavy computations as they can be offloaded. Operations like image processing, voice recognition, 3D mapping or other uncertainty-plagued tasks can use parallel processing in the cloud and the results returned to the robot. In addition, tasks such as motion planning and control can also be performed in the cloud. All these strategies result in lower power consumption and lighter hardware requirements.