Digital Payments and 3D Printing

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‘3D Hubs’ is on-demand 3D manufacturing and rapid prototyping company, which submits your quote in seconds, parts delivered in days. Bitcoin represents that same face for money circulation. Now, they have joined through an official partnership between the largest global network of privately owned factories (i.e. 3D printers) and Bitcoin payment service provider BitPay. Through international payment service provider Ayden, 3D Hubs will now accept the digital currency as a form of payment.

The Bitcoin terminal called ‘Pey’, is a 3D printed point-of-sale machine, like existing credit card readers. PEY Terminal is smartphone-based payments system that allows merchants to do transactions easily. It was developed in part because a large majority of European merchants require cash due to high credit card transaction fees.

Aiming to decrease the need to carry cash but also create a low-cost option for digital transactions, Ferrer’s Pey concept wants to bring the best of both worlds into a seamless experience for both the consumers and the merchants starting with simplifying the entire Bitcoin transaction process.