Internet of Things and Big Data

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A typical IoT system might include hundreds and even thousands of devices, each with multiple sensors, so it is not a surprise that IoT and big data are two buzz words which are frequently mentioned together.

As the IoT spreads across almost all industries it will trigger a massive influx of big data and spawn new methods for harvesting, analysing and using this information. IoT promises to take big data to a new level. IoT devices not only generate huge amounts of information, which can then be fed to data analytics tools, they also rely on data-based logic in order to perform many of their “smart” functions.

Big Data is driven by the IoT. The massive amount of revenue and data that the IoT will generate, will impact  the entire big data universe, forcing companies to upgrade current tools and processes, and technology to evolve to accommodate this additional data volume and take advantage of the insights all this new data undoubtedly will deliver.

Big data analytics is emerging as a key to analyzing IoT generated data from “connected devices” which helps to take the initiative to improve decision making. The role of big data in IoT is to process a large amount of data on a real-time basis and storing them using different storage technologies.