Internet of Things and Data Science

(image source: project pro)

The large volumes of data generated from IoT devices needs to be analysed to extract knowledge and valuable information hidden in it. This is where IoT intersects well with the data science process as the two emerging big data trends “IoT” and “Data Science” perfectly fit one another.

Data Sc. for IoT deals with constant stream of online freshly generated data. The analytics therefore, are more actionable and intelligent as compared to static data. (traditional data). Data collected through IoT is analyzed using different techniques as compared to that collected traditionally. Furthermore, Data Scientists require more sophisticated skills for analyzing IoT data.

The major difference for data science with respect to IoT is, that it mainly emphasizes on cognitive computing, real-time processing, time series data analysis, geo spatial data analysis, deep learning, edge computing and in-memory processing. Data Science for IoT requires data scientists to be well-versed with various strategies for integrating hardware and sensor fusion (complex event processing).

IoT is one of the forerunners in data generation and this is exactly why Data Science will be required in IoT more than ever. Data Science being interdisciplinary encompasses a range of techniques such as data mining and processing to Machine Learning to draw insights from raw data.

Data emitted by all mobile devices will grow 4 times in 3 years. This data will be generated by diverse devices on IoT, like sensors, mobile, videos, ATMs, etc. Data Science will marry the data across devices and make sense out of it. For example, Data science will marry the data of a patient on weighing scale, smart watch and mobile, analayse and predict health conditions of a common man and send the info to a doctor

The connected devices (The Internet of Things) generate more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. All this data will significantly impact business processes and the Data Science for IoT will take increasingly a central role.                                                                                                                                                                       

IoT and Data Science are tidal waves of the future, all set to take the big data world by storm. By taking advantage of Data Science for IoT, we are not only helping the business industries in terms of better performance and profit. In fact, we can create a better world. With smarter analytics, we can resolve multiple problems faced globally.