Machine Learning and Cloud Computing

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The large amounts of data stored in the cloud provide a source of information for the machine learning process. With the mass data on the cloud, the learning capabilities of machine learning and its cognitive computing feature can almost replace any form of human interaction. Integration of Machine learning into cloud computing will enhance the efficacy of Business Intelligence systems

Cloud computing becomes much easier to handle, scale, and protect with machine learning. When coupled with the power of cloud computing, machine learning could be even more beneficial. This amalgamation is termed ‘the intelligent cloud.’

The current usage of cloud is restricted to computing, storage, and networking.  ML will significantly enhance the capabilities of cloud. The intelligent cloud becomes capable of learning from the vast amount of data stored in the cloud, to build up predictions and analyse situations. This will serve as an intelligent platform to perform tasks much more efficiently.

Cloud Machine Learning Platforms: This include technologies like Google Cloud Machine Learning, AWS Machine Learning, and Azure Machine Learning. These services enable to build machine learning models that work with any type or size of data.