Robotics and Big Data

(image source: fyouture.find)

Big data has already been a part of the robotics paradigm.  Robotics is about repeatedly executing the following three-stage sequence: sense, plan, act. Sensing is needed to perceive the robot’s environment. Planning is needed to perform with desired purpose and reliability in complex environments. And taking and monitoring planned actions is needed to achieve planned goals. All these three operational aspects of robotics depend upon Big data and involve very intensive use of data

Almost all the activities going on around the robot and in the surrounding environment, is perceived by the robots. Robots sense and perceive through their built-in sensors in order to be aware of what’s happening around them.

Robotics and big data will continue to coexist and cross-fertilize each other.  The rise of big data offers more opportunities to build programming capability into robotic systems.

Big data methods have the potential to allow robots to understand and operate in significantly more complex environment.

The role of business analysts is likely to be taken over by robots in the near future. When powered with big data systems, robots have the capability to analyze vast amounts of past data and use it to provide intelligent investment choices for all kinds of investors.

Big data can empower robots to analyze the entire medical history, including a patient’s medical past and DNA code to come up with appropriate treatments that are ideal for each individual.