Robotics and Digital Payments

(image source: brandchannel)

Financial services giant, MasterCard is bringing payments to robots. Its digital wallet, MasterPass, is being integrated into ‘Pepper’, the humanoid robot developed by SoftBank and Aldebaran Robotics, so that robots can accept digital payments. Users can also connect by scanning a QR code on the tablet that the robot holds.

Softbank’s robot, ‘Pepper’ is designed to be “perceptive” of the humans around it, using cameras, microphones, vocal recognition and analytics to create an experience that’s organic and responds to emotion. Here is a robot which can handle payments among other things.

Customers can connect with Pepper through their smartphone using the MasterPass app, which also allows direct payments.

Robotic process automation(RPA), cognitive computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) will profoundly impact and transform the workforce of the future across the financial sector.

Robotic process automation allow modern banks to meet  demands of auditability, security, data quality and operational resilience and achieve significant operational efficiency.