Emerging Digital Technologies

A Multiplier Effect

Ghadially Zoher

Digital Technologies: How they Mutually Potentiate

The onset of emerging digital technologies in the past decade has overshadowed the prevailing IT scenario which is sliding into redundancy. Across industries, the adoption of these neo-technologies has necessitated a new genre of workers who need to be capable of dealing with them. To enable the present workforce to upgrade and be able to intelligently adopt the new technologies, it will require retraining, upskilling, and reorientation of existing employees. In some cases, retrenchment and replacement could be a painful alternative.

However, this new era is not a stand-alone factor. Utilized in conjunction with existing technologies, it can result in a multiplier effect. To achieve this, one needs to deftly identify the co relationship among relevant technologies and weave out a pattern to implement them in unison. One needs to consider emerging digital technologies as synergistic rather than offering singularly separate value proposition. For example, by harnessing interrelated attributes from Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and 5G, a multiplier effect with enhanced business outcomes can be ensured.

One approach to this methodology could be to consider the prime technology for implementation and then enrich it by sequentially tagging the next technology in a phased manner and so on. Alternatively, an organisation may consider crossover of paired technologies which can co-exist and co-fertilize. However, a bold step could be to harness a host of fraternal technologies for simultaneous implementation thereby resulting in a cascading positive effect. This obviously requires full-stack developers who know the entire spectrum of digital technologies in their area of expertise.

The fourteen emerging technologies mentioned in the table below titled ‘Categories’ were arranged in a ‘Digital Matrix’ of paired technologies. This outlines how any two technologies mutually potentiate each other. We have 105 such paired options under ‘Categories’ below, as links which can be accessed. Based on this, a detailed discussion on each pair is given. One can pick any of these technologies and pair it with any other to see the combined force of the merged entity.

Emerging technologies not only accelerate performance, but provide highly efficient, resource-saving solutions that will help to manage and evolve business. Disruptive technologies can be even more useful when they are combined. 

As businesses become digitized and automated, the demand for new tech talent will grow across all sectors. The estimated demand in 2020 was 4.4 lakh for new-age tech professionals, while the supply was projected to be 2.4 lakh, according to TeamLease Services. IT firms are witnessing a 30% growth in digital deals, 80% jump in cloud spending, and 15% rise in customer experience spending since the Covid outbreak, says Nasscom. 

This study is intended to help overcome the feeling of rapid redundancy currently nagging the IT populace. It can open new vistas by diffusing digital technology to gain collateral benefits, and additionally embark on a higher orbit of technological advantages. It will enable practicing managers to discover previously hidden or uncharted business opportunities. Millennials, will be helped to be technologically relevant and commercially acceptable. For management students, it offers a pre-familiarization to the concomitant use of these 14 digital technologies. For teachers, this can serve as a useful guide to initiate discussions and encourage participants to undertake further research. The aim is to fill the existing gap in ways and means to combine a host of technologies. It enables one to look beyond the narrow ‘line of sight’ and exploit multifarious advantages resulting from a ‘wide-angle’ approach.

Please click on any of the following links to open up any pair of technology

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AlgorithmMachine LearningCloudEdgeArtificial Intelligence
BlockchainInternet of ThingsRoboticsAugmented/ Virtual RealityBig Data
Data ScienceDigital Payments/ Cybercurrency5G3D Printing 

1. Algorithm

AlgorithmAlgo & Machine LearningAlgo & CloudAlgo & EdgeAlgo & Artificial Intelligence
Algo & BlockchainAlgo & Internet of ThingsAlgo & RoboticsAlgo & Augmented / Virtual RealityAlgo & Big Data
Algo & Data ScienceAlgo & Digital Payments / CybercurrencyAlgo & 5GAlgo & 3D PrintingBack to categories↑

2. Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML)ML & AlgorithmML & CloudML & EdgeML & Artificial Intelligence
ML & BlockchainML & Internet of ThingsML & RoboticsML & Augmented / Virtual RealityML & Big Data
ML & Data ScienceML & Digital Payments / CybercurrencyML & 5GML & 3D PrintingBack to categories↑

3. Cloud Computing

Cloud ComputingCloud & AlgorithmCloud & Machine LearningCloud & EdgeCloud & Artificial Intelligence
Cloud & BlockchainCloud & Internet of ThingsCloud & RoboticsCloud & Augmented / Virtual RealityCloud & Big Data
Cloud & Data ScienceCloud & Digital Payments / CybercurrencyCloud & 5GCloud & 3D PrintingBack to categories↑

4. Edge

EdgeEdge & AlgorithmEdge & Machine LearningEdge & Cloud ComputingEdge & Artificial Intelligence
Edge & BlockchainEdge & Internet of ThingsEdge & RoboticsEdge & Augmented / Virtual RealityEdge & Big Data
Edge & Data ScienceEdge & Digital Payments / CybercurrencyEdge & 5GEdge & 3D PrintingBack to categories↑

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)AI & AlgorithmAI & Machine LearningAI & Cloud ComputingAI & Edge
AI & BlockchainAI & Internet of ThingsAI & RoboticsAI & Augmented / Virtual RealityAI & Big Data
AI & Data ScienceAI & Digital Payments / CybercurrencyAI & 5GAI & 3D PrintingBack to categories↑

6. Blockchain

BlockchainBlockchain & AlgorithmBlockchain & Machine LearningBlockchain & Cloud ComputingBlockchain & Edge
Blockchain & Artificial IntelligenceBlockchain & Internet of ThingsBlockchain & RoboticsBlockchain & Augmented / Virtual RealityBlockchain & Big Data
Blockchain & Data ScienceBlockchain & Digital Payments / CybercurrencyBlockchain & 5GBlockchain & 3D PrintingBack to categories↑

7. Internet of things

Internet of things (IoT)IoT & AlgorithmIoT & Machine LearningIoT & Cloud ComputingIoT & Edge
IoT & Artificial IntelligenceIoT & BlockchainIoT & RoboticsIoT & Augmented / Virtual RealityIoT & Big Data
IoT & Data ScienceIoT & Digital Payments / CybercurrencyIoT & 5GIoT & 3D PrintingBack to categories↑

8. Robotics

RoboticsRobotics & AlgorithmRobotics & Machine LearningRobotics & Cloud ComputingRobotics & Edge
Robotics & Artificial IntelligenceRobotics & BlockchainRobotics & Internet of thingsRobotics & Augmented / Virtual RealityRobotics & Big Data
Robotics & Data ScienceRobotics & Digital Payments / CybercurrencyRobotics & 5GRobotics & 3D PrintingBack to categories↑

9. Augmented reality / virtual reality

Augmented reality / virtual reality (AR/VR)AR/VR & AlgorithmAR/VR & Machine LearningAR/VR & Cloud ComputingAR/VR & Edge
AR/VR & Artificial IntelligenceAR/VR & BlockchainAR/VR & Internet of thingsAR/VR & RoboticsAR/VR & Big Data
AR/VR & Data ScienceAR/VR & Digital Payments / CybercurrencyAR/VR & 5GAR/VR & 3D PrintingBack to categories↑

10. Big data

Big dataBig data & AlgorithmBig data & Machine LearningBig data & Cloud ComputingBig data & Edge
Big data & Artificial IntelligenceBig data & BlockchainBig data & Internet of ThingsBig data & RoboticsBig data & Augmented / Virtual Reality
Big data & Data ScienceBig data & Digital Payments / CybercurrencyBig data & 5GBig data & 3D PrintingBack to categories↑

11. Data science

Data Science (DS)DS & AlgorithmDS & Machine LearningDS & Cloud ComputingDS & Edge
DS & Artificial IntelligenceDS & BlockchainDS & Internet of ThingsDS & RoboticsDS & Augmented / Virtual Reality
DS & Big dataDS & Digital Payments / CybercurrencyDS & 5GDS & 3D PrintingBack to categories↑

12. Digital payments / cybercurrency

Digital payments / cybercurrency (DigiPay)DigiPay & AlgorithmDigiPay & Machine LearningDigiPay & Cloud ComputingDigiPay & Edge
DigiPay & Artificial IntelligenceDigiPay & BlockchainDigiPay & Internet of ThingsDigiPay & RoboticsDigiPay & Augmented / Virtual Reality
DigiPay & Big dataDigiPay & Data scienceDigiPay & 5GDigiPay & 3D PrintingBack to categories↑

13. 5G

5G5G & Algorithm5G & Machine Learning5G & Cloud Computing5G & Edge
5G & Artificial Intelligence5G & Blockchain5G & Internet of Things5G & Robotics5G & Augmented / Virtual Reality
5G & Big data5G & Data science5G & Digital Payments / Cybercurrency5G & 3D PrintingBack to categories↑

14. 3D printing

3D Printing3D Printing & Algorithm3D Printing & Machine Learning3D Printing & Cloud Computing3D Printing & Edge
3D Printing & Artificial Intelligence3D Printing & Blockchain3D Printing & Internet of Things3D Printing & Robotics3D Printing & Augmented / Virtual Reality
3D Printing & Big data3D Printing & Data science3D Printing & Digital Payments / Cybercurrency3D Printing & 5GBack to categories↑